Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Who decided it was ok for everyone to have to work so damn hard for a washer and a dryer? If you're lucky enough to obtain one, why is it that not all homes are equipped for them? It seems like there are more washers and dryers in the world than homes, so why couldn't it be a fixture in every home? The toilet and tub aren't "options" in a household, why should washing your clothes be something that we all have to work so hard for. I often wonder if people who are not so pleasing to my olfactory senses are struggling too. Budgeting for clean clothes I feel is a necessity, but do others? You don't look around a laundry mat and see wealthy people, so why is it the lower income folks have to pay out the nose just to please the world with clean clothes? I'll be joining the washer and dryer in working order society in a few weeks, but that doesn't keep my heart from going out to those schlepping giant loads of clothes around town. It also seems like people in laundry mats look out for each other. It's almost a sense of family. People hold doors for each other, return dropped socks, lend soap, and even help corral other people's kids. Tell me you can find that anywhere else!


Carla Chameleon said...

You know, I think this is a Texas thing. I was shocked that places here don't seem to automatically come with them. I was able to rent them from my complex at the place I'm leaving, and fortunately the house I'm moving to tomorrow has them. I've told people back home about the TX W/D Situation. ; )