Thursday, January 14, 2010

Do you stop to pick it up?

What makes a person stop to pick up something they dropped? Who do you think instills those morals in us? Does it come from our parents, or do some people just naturally like to leave a trail of filth behind them. What do you do if you throw something at the trash and miss, or pee on a toilet seat. Do you leave it? I often wonder if people ever stop to think about the person that has to clean up after them. If I am not the one responsible for cleaning a place, I have always made sure that I picked up after myself. Why does that seem like such a difficult concept for some people? People who clean see things that most people never want to see. Things are smelled that no human or animal should ever encounter. Unless you happen to land a cleaning account for a very wealthy person, odds are, you're not making too much money either.

Check this out...

May 2008

Local government
Elementary and secondary schools
General medical and surgical hospitals
Colleges, universities, and professional schools
Services to buildings and dwellings

Really. I can't think of one single person in my life, that would want to scrape up your used gum, or pick the staples out of your carpet for $9.31 an hour. So when you dribble a little, wipe it up. If you see a trash bag has slipped down into a trashcan, it'll take you 5 seconds to pull it out. Most of all...just think for a second when you're feeling lazy about a mess you have created, more importantly, notice the mess you've made and don't act like you didn't see it. You saw it. Remind yourself, some poor schmuck that may be even worse off than me has to clean up after me. There's enough Pigpens in the world, don't be one of them. You think messing with people who make your food could be bad for your health. Consider what ways a cleaning person could pay you back.


coachswoman said...

Sounds like a fairly good description of a restroom we have to use! I hate it when I have to touch the lid that's been left up, and when lowering I have to be careful not to graze the dribble spots with my fingers. Disgusting! Or how about the dribble that makes the floor all sticky at the base of the toilet? My shoes sometimes stick to the floor....and I think "Ugh I have piss on my shoes!". Then there's the community kitchens of most work dribbles on everything, dried and crusted sugar on all the counter tops, goo in the sink and the black rim of mold growing in the sink drain. I feel so bad for people who clean for a living. Has to be one of the most disgusting jobs out there!