Monday, January 11, 2010

Cold nights warm hearts.

After a completely draining emotional weekend there's something to be said for a LARGE glass of wine and a nice warm fire. I spent last night reflecting on what it was I had just seen and been a part of. Thinking that kids would touch my heart has never really been a thought in the front of my mind. I have always seen kids, and been more of an observer. I'm not sure when or where it happened, but I think I missed some of my childhood. I look back to my child years and think about all of the serious thoughts I had then. When did I ever relax and make kid memories? I'm sure they're in there somewhere. What do you say to a kid that's having the roughest time of their life? When their guardian is a bully and all they really want is to go home to their mom. I guess I'm still processing how I feel, but all I can say is that my heart was touched in a way that I'm not sure I ever felt. That doesn't come along often enough.


Carla Chameleon said...

I'm too into FB because this makes me wish there was a 'like' button. : )

jessicaclayton said...

Lol! There is a Useful Funny Cool option. LOL! I just thought I'd save that for Yelp.